We reduced anxiety in our senior community for our residents, employees, and guests.

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As Bright Water Senior Living embarks on month six of managing through the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and health of our residents and staff remain our top priority. While we have seen some encouraging signs of progress over the past month, there are spikes and hot spots emerging across the country. As such, it is imperative that we remain vigilant. From the beginning of this health crisis, our response has been guided by our healthcare professionals, medical directors, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the State and local departments of Health.


The Challenge

The process of adjusting to the new normal at senior communities has begun. Bright Water received several letters and calls from families requesting a more aggressive approach. Yet, the return to normalcy must be cautious and measured. The health and well-being of the residents and staff who served them with great compassion must continue to be the number one priority. At the peak of the pandemic Bright Water carefully monitored the operations and health status within each community using antiquated methods that took lots of time and resources daily to complete.

The Solution

Through a collaborative partnership with PYLON, Bright Water used cutting-edge technology to automate the processes and keep a record of all things that mattered and notified the right people when attention was required. Bright Water has implemented a number of safety measures in place for the protection of residents and staff and these will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Following is an overview of the PYLON modules used:

Wellness module

Employees must complete daily wellness checks. Any employee who tests positive or shows symptoms must follow strict protocols regarding quarantine and re-testing before returning to work.

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Contact Tracing Module

Contact tracing is in place to notify employees or residents who have had potential exposure and provide guidance on required protocols.

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Guest monitoring module

All visitors must complete a wellness screening questionnaire and have their temperature taken prior to their visit.

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Cleaning module

The communities are cleaned regularly and high-touch areas are disinfected with greater frequency. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the communities for visitors and employees.

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Education module

We continuously educate employees and residents on proper hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Compliance module

All employees and visitors are required to wear masks while in the community. We practice proper social distancing of 6 feet or more.

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The Results

Removal of any staff member from checking body temperatures of the staff, family guests and vendors. Reducation in anxiety and a sense of protection from any outside bio threats that may cause harm to our vulnerable community. The successes Bright Water sees are in terms of our low positive COVID results and surveys that demonstrate team members are comfortable being at work and the family members of the residents are happy to see the increased saftey processes.

Successful community results to-date speak for themselves, but Bright Water knows they cannot let down their defenses nor become complacent. The Bright Water team is focused on continuing this fight against COVID-19 and working tirelessly to regain some sense of normal in our communities.

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