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C3 Solution Details

Stand-alone or Integrate into your security system, the C3 fever symptoms screening solution enables real-time fever detection in public places, such as commercial buildings, construction sites, hotels, and transport to ensure public health.

The system’s components

  • Dual thermal and video camera
  • Highly accurate temperature measurements
  • Intuitive user interface
  • A video/audio alerting system
  • Flexibly designed reports
  • A real-time notification system
  • Cloud data storage

Thermal cameras

  • Recurrently monitoring and measuring the temperature at specific time intervals
  • Analyzing multiple subjects simultaneously
  • Processing data in real-time

Alerting and notification systems

  • Automatically detecting a person with fever and sending immediate alerts
  • Delivering advanced notifications with an attached person’s photo, temperature measurements, the location of the spotted person
  • Enlisting further actions to provide timely medical care
  • Providing daily/weekly/monthly reports across the requested parameters

Why Fever Screener by C3

Traditional thermal cameras without AI

  • Detect high temperature across all visible objects, hindering from identifying individuals with fever
  • Unable to pinpoint the right spot on a human face, which affects the accuracy of temperature screening
  • Operate in a semi-automated mode, which results in inefficient target detection
  • No recurrent temperature measurements
  • A low measurement speed and limited coverage area

Fever Screener driven by AI

  • Efficiently identify people with fever
  • Achieve high accuracy (±0.3°С/±0.6°F) of temperature screening
  • Automatically recognize targets and send immediate alerts, eliminating human error
  • Recurrent temperature measurements of potentially infected people at specific time intervals
  • High measurement speed and broad coverage area

Getting Your Workers

Back To Business

COVID-19 has impacted the allowable size of construction crews permitted under stay-at-home orders. As restrictions are gradually lifted across the country, and allowable crew sizes increase, it is essential that construction sites implement effective technological systems in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Benefits C3 Brings

Enabled face recognition

Due to lightweight and fast AI algorithms incorporated, the system allows for real-time face recognition of potentially infected individuals even if a face is covered with glasses, a mask, helmet, or other accessories.

Assessment and system implementation

Our engineers make sure your equipment is compatible with the fever detection system. Integrated smoothly, the solution operates as a subsystem to your functional devices, which makes the components efficiently work together.

On-demand customization

We can customize the system’s functionality up to your needs by implementing such features as oxygen control, symptoms analytics, health reporting, etc.

Support 24/7

Our experts efficiently detect possible issues before they affect the system’s performance. We also provide custom back-up solutions to make sure all the data will be replicated in case of disaster.

Mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 on your business processes and ensure the safety of your working environment. Contact us to learn more about our Fever Screener.

Industries that benefit from C3 fever screeners

C3 can help public and private organizations across industries to ensure their working environment is safe. Employ a proactive approach to make informed decisions on time to protect the community and your business processes.

Construction Sites
Enterprise Buildings
Stadiums / Arenas
Fitness Centers
Educational Facilities
Healthcare & Hospitals
Venue / Event Halls

Attend a daily webinar to learn more about how the COVID-19 screening solution enables to detect infected people in public places.


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