Relearning how to teach

Spread it Out

Schools may convert gymnasiums into massive classrooms in order to keep students as spread out as possible. Cloth masks and face coverings may be required as a new uniform of sorts, too.

Class Outside

In Denmark, some teachers are holding class outside to give students more space to spread out comfortably and reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

Recess Revised

If kids aren’t allowed to get close to each other, that means no more games of tag. Team sports and playgrounds are probably off limits, too. Perhaps kids will get creative and come up with a new generation of schoolyard games.

Staggered Schedules

Staggered SchedulesKids may not be allowed to go back to school all at once. Students may be assigned a group that only comes in for a couple hours a day or every other day, for example.

Distance Learning Continues

With much less learning happening in the classroom, students can expect to have more homework and online study assigned.

Back-to-School Comes Early

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the state is exploring the idea of bringing kids back to school as early as July to help combat “learning loss.”

School’sOut (Again)

If a teacher or student tests positive for the virus, schools will likely have to send everyone home and shut down for deep cleaning all over again.