Retail won’t be business as usual

How can I Help You?

You may have a retail worker chaperoning you through the new protocols. At Best Buy, an employee will call you before your appointment to explain safety measures, check you in at the front door, and follow you around the floor as you browse and shop.

Curbside Pickup

At least in the beginning, most small retail stores will only be able to do curbside pickup. You’ll call ahead or place an order online and employees will hand off the goods to you on the sidewalk.

Space It Out

Retailers that are allowing people inside will need to rearrange furniture and displays to space things out, making sure it’s possible for customers to always maintain 6 feet of distance.

Look,Don’t Touch

You may not be allowed to pick up products, try on clothes or sample things the way you used to. For example, all beauty samples at Macy’s will only be displayed for customers to look at – not try on.

Reservation Only

Some retailers will do business by appointment only, so you can browse or try on clothing without too many others in the store.

Personal Shopping

Businesses that can't let people in to browse will turn that problem on its head by doing the shopping for you. You can let them know what you're looking for, your measurements and budget and they can curate a collection of things for you to take home and try on.

Extra Protection

Employees will probably have to wear masks, disinfect surfaces regularly and use plenty of hand sanitizer. Plexiglass shields are being installed at checkout counters.

Branded PPE?

We could see businesses turning safety into a marketing opportunity by handing out masks with their logo on it at the door.