A bumpy ride for the future

Service Slashed

Transit agencies slashed the number of trains and buses in service due to a massive drop in demand. Even as people go back to work, there could still be fewer buses and trains running – and far more cars on the road.

Passenger Limits

If a bus has too many people on it, they’ll pass you by at the bus stop. AC Transit has been limiting the number of passengers on their buses (as few as 6 people on a 30’ bus, as many as 16 on a 60’ articulated coach), as has VTA.

Paused Fire Collection

Some buses have moved to rear-boarding only to maintain social distance from the driver. In many cases, that means no fare collected.

Face Coverings Required

If you don’t have a mask or makeshift face covering, you may not be allowed on the bus or train.

Early Shutdown

Trains and buses are being disinfected at the end of the line and deep cleaned at the end of the day. All of that extra cleaning could mean reduced late-night service to give workers more time to sanitize before the morning commute.

Taxis for Essential Workers

Essential workers who used to take public transit for a late-night ride home have a new option in San Francisco: the city will call them a taxi and foot the bill.

Financial Fallout

Transit agencies – especially BART depend on rider fares for funding. A massive drop in ridership means they’re not collecting ticket fares and looking at a big-budget shortfall in the near future.