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Manage Visitors Without Literally Managing Them

Safeguard your workplace and create the best visitor and employee experience imaginable with contactless sign-in, visitor screening, without interacting with a receptionist or a security guard.


Everything you need to welcome visitors

Visitor management made simple, safe and secure.


Add upcoming visitors to let your team know who to expect and email guests information about their visit.

Custom branding

Your visitors will only see your brand colors and images for your modern, no-touch visitor sign-in system.

Instant notifications

Automatically notify employees when their guests arrive.

Contact tracing

Know if visitors have been in contact with a coronavirus patient.

Document signing

Prompts guests to sign agreements, like NDAs and waivers, on the iPad during sign in.

Visitor screening

Set criteria visitors must meet to come on-site.

And much more!

How It Works

A visitor signs themself in

Upon arrival, visitors complete entry requirements and check themselves in. They can use a kiosk or go touchless and use their own smartphone.

Instant employee notifications

Say goodbye to tracking down employees when their guests arrive. Automatically notify employees when their guests arrive.

The visitor is greeted

The check-in process is complete and the visitor and employee can get down the business.

Features your team will love

Easy to install and move

Screen a large number of staff/visitors

Manageable by only one person

Pre-Register Your Guests & Speed Up Check-in

The visitor experience begins long before your guest walks through the door. Pre-register visitors and speed visitor sign-in with through email invites containing everything guests need to know about their upcoming visit.

Digital Agreements

Require NDAs or any other important documentation visitors must sign prior to entry. We capture and store visitor agreement records safely and without fuss.

Print Badges

Visitor badges are an inexpensive way to confirm every guest is who they say they are. Add your logo and choose from a range of designs or create your own.

Issue Access Passes

Send visitors a QR code for a fast, secure way to sign in. By scanning the QR code directly from their phone or printed invitation, all your guest’s details are pre-populated for the fastest sign in experience with minimal effort required from your visitor.

Staff self-serve portal

Staff have control to invite their own guests within thier own dashboard.

Other key features

Photo capture

Ask guests to take a photo so their host can greet them with confidence.

Multiple locations

Powerful multi-site visitor management in one easy to use portal.

Contactless sign in

Allow visitors to sign in using their personal smartphone device, simply by scanning the secure QR code displayed on your reception iPad.

Evacuation list

Evacuation lists can save lives. Nothing is more important than the safety of everyone on site.

Video welcome screens

Catch your guests’ eye as soon as they walk through the door with a video that fills the iPad screen.

Analytics and reporting

Get insight into visitor volume, who hosts visitors and more. Export data in a few clicks.

Instant notifications

Automatically notify employees when their guests arrive.

Custom branding

Customize the iPad check-in kiosk fully to your brand.

Data privacy

Total control over your visitor data and visibility of staff details to protect guests' privacy.

Pick Your Style

We have two options to meet the unique needs of your space.


A great option for placing on a waist-high or taller surface.

Floor Stand

The Beautiful, Secure Floor Stand

Fully Bundled

A hardware, software bundle that includes everything you need to deploy a visitor management system.

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